Thank you for taking the time to complete our short survey on the high school French Immersion Program.  Your feedback will help us strengthen and improve our school practices and will inform future decisions relating to the French Immersion Program.  Your identity will remain anonymous and your responses will be kept strictly confidential, so please feel free to answer as honestly and accurately as possible.  Thank you!

* 1. Quality of programming your child receives.

* 2. The program addresses your child's academic need.

* 3. The level of involvement in decisions about your child's education in French Immersion.

* 4. What was the main reason you chose the French Immersion Program?

* 5. Is there anything you would recommend to improve the French Immersion Program?

* 6. What has been the most positive aspect of having your children participate in the French Immersion Program?

* 7. Is it your intention to have your child remain in the French Immersion program?  Please explain why or why not?

* 8. Is it your intention that your child graduates from grade 12 with an Immersion High School Diploma?

* 9. What do you feel is necessary to create a successful French Immersion Program in the high school?

* 10. Additional comments or concerns: