1. Snowmobile Registration Fee Use

* 1. What do you consider the best use of your registration dollars?

  Best Use Second Best Use Third Best Use Fourth Best Use Fifth Best Use
a) Grooming Trails
b) Safety Projects
c) Equipment Purchase
d) Access Projects
e) New Trail Construction

* 2. What do you consider a reasonable yearly registration fee to support the above activities?

* 3. Do you use groomed snowmobile trails?

* 4. Would you use groomed snowmobile trails funded with registration dollars if they were in your riding area?

* 5. Have you attended a snowmobile safety course?

* 6. Would you attend a safety course funded with registration fees if there was one available in your area?

* 7. Do you support a statewide snowmobile trail system?

* 8. Where do you ride the most?

* 9. If you use groomed trails in your area please indicate which trail you:

* 10. Where in Alaska do you reside during the winter?