The newly elected board of the Colorado Oracle Applications Users Group (COAUG) would like your input on what you want from this group. Below are a few questions that will tell us a little about you, the member, and what your interests are in. With this information we will determine how and where to focus our efforts to assist you with your use of Oracle products.

The group’s focus is two-fold:

1. Enable Oracle Applications/Technology users throughout the Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana area to accumulate, and share, information and experiences with each other and the local Oracle office.
2. Share information related to the use and future direction of Oracle Applications with Product Managers at Oracle headquarters. This will enable Oracle to implement suggestions in their future releases of the product.

Additionally, COAUG will facilitate the organization of meetings featuring educational presentations by business and industry specialists in Oracle Applications, Apps Technology and in any 3rd party tools used to enhance and / or monitor Oracle Applications.

Please complete the survey below. We want to hear from you and understand what interests you!

* 1. Where are you located?

* 2. If you are located in Colorado, please indicate your region.

* 3. What type of Applications User are you?

* 4. What Oracle Apps are you running?

* 5. What application suites do you have installed?

* 6. What industry are you working in?

* 7. In addition to Oracle apps, what 3rd party tools do you run?

* 8. What is your preference for meetings?

* 9. What are you interested in hearing about at meetings?

* 10. How often would you be interested in meeting?

* 11. Are certain days of the week better than other?

* 12. If yes, please specify which days work better for you.

* 13. Would your organization be willing to host an event?

* 14. If yes, please provide your contact information.

* 15. If you are interested in being an active participant with COAUG; i.e., volunteer for committees or open positions, please provide your Name, Company Name, and Email Address.