Revisions to: Rules Governing the Licensing of Educators, Preparation of Educational Professionals

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2017 VSBPE Rule Revisions

The VSBPE is undertaking revisions to the rules that govern the training, licensing and professional standards of teachers and administrators, Series 5100: Rules Governing the Licensing of Educators and the Preparation of Educational Professionals. Specifically, the VSBPE is revising educator competencies and authorizing statement of the following endorsements: 5440-06 Modern and Classical Languages, 5440-65 School Nurse, 5440-65A Associate School Nurse, 5440-30 Driver and Traffic Safety Education.

The VSBPE is also revising current rules for Apprenticeship Licenses to support recruitment and retention in the field; and providing clarification to current Rules regarding provisional licenses, professional learning and definition of terms.

To review the changes, please visit the AOE website at:

The VSBPE will hold 1 public comment session:
Friday, May 19, 2017 - 4:00 PM
Agency of Education Barre City Place, Barre, VT
Conference Room 304

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