2018 Write Sparks: 'JUTE Writers in Residence'

Applications for  'JUTE Writers in Residence' in 2018 are now open.

Application Deadline: February 23 2018

Selection Process: Participants will be selected via completing this application only. Successful applicants will be notified by 28th Feb 2018.

About JUTE Writers in Residence: We are committed to facilitating a program that casts a wide net across the region and captures a broad diversity of voices and stories that need nurturing. This stream is open to 2018 graduate participants to the Write Sparks program who wish to extend their writing practice and work toward a finished writing draft of a full-length play for theatre production. Participants are selected via application only. Applicants will need to be established playwrights (with one or more professional productions) or have completed the Write Sparks program (or the online Write Out Loud program). Applicants will need to present a strong treatment for a new idea for performance or a draft of a work in progress for a performance script.

Program & Applicant Guidelines - JUTE Writers in Residence
  • Applicant must be able to demonstrate in their application some level of skill in performance writing, having either completed the online Write Out Loud course or having graduated from the 2018 Write Sparks program, or can demonstrate an intermediate to advanced understanding of writing for performance.
  • Applicant must be able to present a first draft for development in a standard theatrical format, or they present a detailed theatrical treatment including synopsis, plot, themes, and characterisation, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the work proposed.
  • Applicant must be primarily interested in developing a work for performance. Writers wanting to work on novels, non-performance poetry, and non-fiction literature will not be considered.
  • Applicant must be committed to meet all deadlines as set out by JUTE and the facilitator. If selected into the program, the applicant must make a commitment to communicate regularly regarding the program requirements and respond promptly to emails as part of a professional courtesy to JUTE and the facilitator.
  • If selected for the program, the applicant will complete the one-off program feee of $150 including GST payable to JUTE Theatre Company.
  • JUTE will have the first option to produce any work developed through The Write Sparks program.

* 1. First Name:

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* 6. Do you identify as any of the following:

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* 8. Occupation/School/TAFE/Uni:

* 9. Home Address:

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* 11. Telephone Numbers:

* 12. What script are you seeking to work with as a writer in residence? 

* 13. What are the strengths of your script as you see it? 

* 14. What areas are of concern to you, and would be a focus for the initial dramaturgical process? 

* 15. What is your vision for the work?

* 16. Explain your vision more fully to give JUTE an idea of your direction for the work; including any partners, funding components or specific creative directions; or team members you are planning on working with. (500 words max). 

* 17. Briefly outline what you would like to achieve across the year of development?  Describe where you are in your writing journey and your aspirations for writing for stage.  

Please outline the play scripts/books/poetry you have read that have inspired you. Describe what it is about these works that have inspired you to become a writer for performance.
(Max 300 words)

* 18. 3-DAY WRITERS RETREAT 2018:  Are you available?  (Accommodation price is not included in your course fee)
  • Friday, 25 May
  • Saturday, 26 May
  • Sunday, 27 May

* 19. Please supply a draft of the work you would like to further develop as part of the Write Sparks: JUTE Writers in Residence program.

* 20. How many characters might the work have:

Thank you for your time. We will get back to you soon with the outcome of your application.