Thank you for taking the time help us refine our teakruthi brand

This survey contains 9 questions and will take about 2 minutes to complete. As a token of our appreciation you will receive a US$ 30 voucher code to stock up on your teakruthi supply. This survey will be active through Friday 17th November

* 1. Please select the top 3 attributes that are most important to you when you purchase your tea? While some of these may seem similar lease select the 3 items in the list that resonate the most with you

Please rate on a 5-point scale the importance of each of the following attributes in the teas you purchase:

* 2. Pure Ceylon Tea

* 3. Fresh

* 4. Artisan and Handcrafted

* 5. Premium and Luxurious

* 6. Beneficial to Health

* 7. What other features, characteristics and associations are important to you in the teas you purchase?

* 8. Have you tried any of our teas at teakruthi?

* 9. How likely is it that you would recommend teakruthi to a friend or colleague?