Village of Orland Park Seeks Residents’ Feedback.

The Parking and Traffic Advisory Board (PTAB) was established in 1982.

There are eight (8) members on the board and they operate under the auspices of Title 2, Chapter 7 of the Village Code.  They serve for one-year terms. The Parking and Traffic Advisory Board meets at least once a month.

Duties: The board submits recommendations in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees for official action that is aimed at improving parking and traffic conditions. Review and advise the Board of Trustees with respect to short-term and long-term policies, and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees on traffic studies prepared by consultants, hired by the Village.

The Public Safety Committee first reviews all of their recommendations.  The Orland Park Police Traffic Unit Lieutenant is the non-voting liaison to the board. 

•Recommended for dissolution because Police Department staff now addresses issues previously addressed by the PTAB.
The village is inviting residents to offer input on the 17 advisory boards and commissions currently part of local government.

We appreciate your participation.

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