1. Ghillators Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please provide your feedback. We love to hear from our customers! Let us know what we do right and what we can improve upon! Thank you for your time.

* 1. How would you compare your Ghillators to traditional ghillie brogues?

  Worse than traditional ghillie brogue About the same as the traditional ghillie brogue Better than traditional ghillie brogue No basis to compare
Ability to clean

* 2. Would you recommend Ghillators to your friends?

* 3. How would you rate the service provided Cobelere, the distributer of Ghillators brand ghillie brogues?

  Dissatisfied Neither satisfied or dissatisfied Satisfied No basis
Ease of ordering
Ease of returns
Responsiveness to emails
Responsiveness to phone call(s)
Speed of order delivery

* 4. Overall, are you satisfied with your new Ghillators brand ghillie brogues?

* 5. What size(s) of Ghillators brand ghillie brogues did you order?

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