Developing a Vision for the Developmental Disabilities (DD) System

What is your vision for developmental disabilities (DD) services?

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, in partnership with the Alaska Association on Developmental Disabilities, the Governor's Council on Disabilities & Special Education, and Senior & Disabilities Services, is leading the development of a shared vision for DD services.

  • Lots of change happening: Medicaid reform, declining budgets, new federal requirements, Employment First, technology... the list goes on.
  • What do we want our system of services and supports to look like five years from now?
  • A shared vision will provide a framework to organize change and ensure we are heading toward the system we want to see.
  • The project goal? To engage stakeholders in developing a common vision for Alaska's DD system.

Thank you for participating in this survey. Your feedback is important!


* 1. Are you

* 2. If you were describing the ideal DD system, what are some of the words you would use?

* 3. Questions 3 through 7 include concepts that are important to the DD system. We would like to understand what these concepts mean to you.

What does "able to be sustained over time" mean to you?

* 4. What does "person and family directed supports" mean to you?

* 5. What does "life of meaning" mean to you?

* 6. What does "flexible services" mean to you?

* 7. What does "skilled workforce" mean to you?

* 8. Are these concepts (able to be sustained over time, person and family-directed supports, life of meaning, flexible services, and skilled workforce) the ones you think we should be talking about when we talk about the vision for the DD system? Are there important concepts that you feel are missing?

* 9. The following is a draft vision for the DD system that we anticipate will evolve through this process:

Alaskans envision a system in which a person directs their own supports toward a life of meaning at home, work and community. The system includes supported families,a skilled workforce, and flexible services that can be sustained over time.

* 10. Please share any additional thoughts, ideas, questions, concerns that you have.