Volunteers make everything the PTO does possible! Thank you for your help! 

Committee Descriptions
*indicates a chairperson or co-chair is needed

Assemblies* - supports selection of assemblies for the enrichment of student body (2x annually)

Box Tops* - oversees online Box Top fundraising

Bingo Nights - 2 nights of family fun playing everyone’s favorite game! Volunteers support the event (prize table, sell food, etc.).

Block Party - A night of family fun to celebrate the arrival of summer!
Clothing Drive Fundraisers - collects clothing and goods for charitable organizations.

Clothing Drive Fundraisers - collects clothing and goods for charitable organizations.

Decorating committee (formerly Sunshine) - decorates school as needed and creates bulletin boards

Family Dance* - Evening event for the whole family. Volunteers support the event (set up dance, sell food, etc.).

Field Day - a school day of outdoor fun and games for all students! Volunteers support the day’s events (run games, distribute water, etc.).

Goodnoe Garden – partners with school caring for the garden to support student experiences; fundraises to support supplies to keep garden thriving

Holiday Shop - a multi-day PTO-run shop, primarily during the school day, for students to find gifts for family and friends for winter holidays. Volunteers support running the shop (helping children shop, wrapping gifts, etc.).

IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Access) - seeks to promote a sense of membership and belonging for every Goodnoe community member in which diversity is embraced and valued and all members feel welcome, comfortable, supported, and valued by:
• Utilizing the talents of our diverse students, parents, teachers, and community to promote cultural and disability understanding and acceptance
• Collaborating with PTO committees on event planning and
Goodnoe’s Climate and Inclusion Committee
• Facilitating activities, programs and/or assemblies to cultivate an inclusive environment

Parent Advisory Committee - 2 representatives attend PAC meetings monthly with superintendent and faculty, summarize meeting at PTO General Meeting

Restaurant Night Fundraisers* - chair coordinates nights for the Goodnoe community to eat out locally while supporting the Goodnoe PTO

TASK* - coordinates the schedule for and collection and delivery of meals for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, volunteers support meal collection and delivery.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation - creates events and supports teacher/staff appreciation week 5/2-5/6

Trunk or Treat* - a night of October excitement with decorated trunks and treats for all! Volunteers support the fun!

Terracycle Fundraiser - supports collection and submission of recyclables

Yearbook - help to support the creation of the ‘21-‘22 yearbook

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* 4. Are you interested in being a general volunteer?

We will contact you when we need assistance as needed in any of the categories.

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* 5. Are you interested in being a chairperson?  The following committees need a chair or co-chair:
-Box Tops
-Family Dance
-Parent Advisory Committee
-Restaurant Night Fundraisers
-TASK (Trenton Area Soup Kitchen)
-Trunk or Treat

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* 6. If interested in chairing, any particular committee?

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