* 1. The Relationship between Personality and Relationship Choices and Preferences.

Greetings. My name is Kirsty Colquhoun and I am currently in my fourth and final year studying Psychology with Sociology at Edinburgh Napier University. I am currently recruiting participants to assist me with my final honours project examining the relationship that exists between the aspects of personality and relationship choices and preferances. The aspects of personality examined here consists of subject areas relating directly to how you view yourself and others whilst the relationship choices and preferances examined will consist of long versus short term relationships and sexual versus romantic relationships.

If you agree to take part in this research project, you will be required to answer questions from three separate questionnaires followed by a short questionnaire assessing both your attitudes and personal preferences towards various relationship styles. This process ought to take approximately 30 minutes. Please note that some of the questions asked throughout the course of this study are of a personal nature, and if you feel uncomfortable answering any of these then you are free to omit any answers. Similiarly, during the course of the study you are free to withdraw from completion at any time as your participation is completely voluntary.

Following completion of the questionnaires, you shall be given a debrief sheet briefly reiterating the nature of the study and thanking you for your time. If you would like to discuss your participation within this study further, you can email me directly at 09005326@live.napier.ac.uk or alternatively my project supervisor Dr Kathy Charles can be contacted at k.charles@ napier.ac.uk. As well as email, my project advisor can also be reached at the following address:
School of Life, Sport & Social Sciences Edinburgh Napier University Campus Sighthill Court Edinburgh EH11 4BN
Tel: (0131) 455 5039

Alternatively, If you would like to contact an independent person, who knows about this project but is not involved in it, you are welcome to contact Dr Barbara Neades at the following address:
Convenor of Faculty Research Ethics Approval Group Senior Lecturer; Faculty of Health, Life & Social Sciences; Edinburgh Napier University
Sighthill Campus
Sighthill Court
Edinburgh EH11 4BN
(tel: (0131) 455 5315, email: b.neades@napier.ac.uk)

All information collected through this research will be held by Edinburgh Napier University until June 2013, after which time it will be disposed of. All data and information will be anonymised following successful completion so as to allow for confidentiality of participants. The only people who will have access to your information are myself, my project supervisor and an external examiner.
This project will reach completion on April 23rd 2013. If you wish to receive a final copy of this research please include your email address overleaf.
Kindest regards and thank you for your time.