Advance Care Planning: Attitudes, Barriers and Practice of Respiratory Clinicians.

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Dear TSANZ Members,

You are invited to participate in a survey that is being conducted as part of a research study. The following survey asks a series of questions about your current practice in regards to Advance Care Planning in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 

This study is being conducted by:
Ms Mary Roberts, Dr Tracy Smith, Professor Wheatley and Dr Jin-Gun Cho. Details and affiliations of the research team can be obtained by contacting Ms Mary Roberts by phone 0408 490 371 or email

The results of the survey will form part of a research project with the aim to develop resources to improve the quality and uptake of advanced care planning in patients with COPD. This survey has been approved by the WSLHD HREC under authorisation number 5990 2019/ETH00197.

The estimated time to complete the survey is 10-15 minutes. If you exit out the survey early or don't click DONE on the final page, your responses will not be saved. You may skip questions if you wish, though we would prefer you didn’t.  

Your participation is voluntary and anonymous. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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Ms MM Roberts