* 1. The Graduate student symposium will take place on August 18th. Please see the Schedule on our Website (www.meas.ncsu.edu/gsa) for further details


* 2. Please select your affiliation:

* 3. This year at the MEAS-FER symposium we're adding working groups, discussions designed to foster inter-departmental research and integrated science. Please register for TWO of the following workshop sessions.

A) Brainstorming big ideas: Within the MEAS-FER departments there are a plethora of research areas which superficially do not appear to have many similarities. In this group participants will work with members of different departments to find the key underlying bio-geographic themes that connect the interests of the group. Sometimes the most interesting questions are hiding behind the most ordinary corners, and taking the time to brainstorm with members of different fields can identify an area of collaborative research

B) Geoscience education and your research: Cutting-edge research in geosciences benefits both the scientific and wider community, and improving the science literacy of general audiences further promotes the significance of our work. The field of geoscience education is advancing and the active learning has been shown to be very effective in both large classroom and laboratory settings. In this working group, learn different teaching strategies to fit a lab and/or course and integrate your research into the classroom.

C) Communicating your science: "So, what do you do?" A common question, we all surely dread. In this workshop, we discuss how to quickly summarize your research for the two minute "elevator talk", as well as presenting your work to journalists and the broader community.

* 4. Questions 4-7 are for MEAS/FER Graduate students only, including incoming students:

Would you like to present a 15 minute talk at this year's symposium?

* 5. If you are presenting, please enter the title of your talk below.

* 6. Would you be interested in chairing any of the Workshops/Sessions?

* 7. Although this year we will not have a dedicated poster session, we encourage graduate students to display any poster they have in the Jordan Extension.

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* 8. Would you be interested in judging oral presentations? (Faculty only)

* 9. Would you like to register to attend the reception afterwards in Biltmore Hall? Please note that all reception attendees are required to be 21 and over.

* 10. Lunch will be provided, so if you have any dietary restrictions (Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Vegan, etc.) please describe them here: