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Idaho Legal Aid Services (ILAS) serves the civil legal needs of low income Idahoans. We are re-setting our case priorities in 2023 and want to know what cases or legal problems we should prioritize with our limited resources. You can take the survey anonymously and skip any questions you'd like. Please complete this survey by May 26,2023.

Thank you for your time and insights.
Jim Cook, Executive Director, Idaho Legal Aid Services.

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* 1. About you:

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* 2. Your position:

Which of the following cases and legal problems should we prioritize?

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* 3. Consumer

  High Priority Medium Priority Low Priority
Consumer scams/rip-offs
Contract warranties (often defective products)
Contracts (for example wireless phone contract disputes)
Credit report problems (often fixing errors on reports)
Debtor services (collections, exemptions, garnishments, repossessions, harassment)
Identity theft
Loans/installment purchases (typically auto)
Predatory lending practices (not mortgages)
Public utilities (often billing disputes and shut-offs for non-payment)
Unfair and deceptive sales practices (e.g. auto and door to door sales - but not real estate)

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* 4. Education

  High Priority Medium Priority Low Priority
Discipline (including expulsion and suspension)
Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, language access, sexual orientation or religion
Special education and learning disabilities
Violations of Title IX (rights while in a school setting related to sexual violence, sexual harassment, or discrimination in programs based on sex)

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* 5. Elder Abuse

  High Priority Medium Priority Low Priority
Attorney appointed guardian ad litem (to ensure guardianship or conservatorship is appropriate)
Financial exploitation
Modification or termination of guardianship or conservatorship
Neglect by others (e.g. caregiver not providing adequate food, medication, hygiene)
Nursing home assistance (e.g. overbilling)
Physical abuse
Scams/rip offs targeted to seniors

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* 6. Employment

  High Priority Medium Priority Low Priority
Employee rights
Employment discrimination based on race/color, gender, disability, age, national origin, marital status, religion, sexual harassment
Pensions and benefits
Unemployment benefits (typically challenges to denial of benefits)
Wage claims (e.g. non-payment of wages)

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* 7. Family

  High Priority Medium Priority Low Priority
Child support (e.g. establishment, enforcement, modification, defense)
Domestic abuse (e.g. protection orders)
Family law (Divorce/custody/paternity/visitation) where there is domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking
Family law (Divorce/Custody/paternity/visitation), no abuse
Guardianship and/or conservatorship for persons with development disabilities
Guardianship and/or conservatorship for seniors
Modification of family law orders where there is domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking
Modification of family law orders where  there is no abuse
Name change
Parental rights termination

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* 8. Sexual Violence and Stalking

Civil protection orders
Title IX accommodations for survivor safety (may relate to education, housing, employment, etc.)
Housing issues (VAWA transfers, Title IX transfers)
Victims compensation fund assistance
Victims rights advocacy in criminal process