2016 Compact for Faculty Diversity Institute on Teaching and Mentoring
Overall Evaluation Form

This Institute Evaluation Form should be completed by all students attending the 2016 Institute.

* 1. Please select your Institute Group Affiliation. Select only one group.

* 2. Using the scale below, rate your overall experience at the Institute.

The Institute    
                                        Graduate school

* 3. offered useful tips and techniques on how to successfully navigate through graduate school requirements.

* 4. encouraged me to continue pursuit of a graduate degree.

                                             Networking at the Institute

* 5. provided me with opportunities to meet other scholars and or faculty in my discipline.

* 6. created a comfortable environment/forum for attendees to engage in discussions about graduate school and building a career in higher education.

                                      Transitioning into a Career

* 7. provided me with knowledge about successfully transitioning from graduate school to a career in higher education.

* 8. presented me with opportunities to become better informed about career options in higher education or other areas of employment.

* 9. informed me about the teaching, research, and service responsibilities expected of faculty.

                                      Teaching and Mentoring

* 10. increased my understanding of the benefits and challenges of a teaching career in higher education.

* 11. broadened my knowledge and understanding about different teaching strategies and techniques.

* 12. improved my knowledge and understanding about different mentoring strategies and techniques that I can use to advance my career.

* 13. Of the statements 3 through 12 listed above, which three do you believe represent your overall sentiments about your experiences at the Institute. (mark no more than 3.)

* 14. What are your overall impressions about your experiences at the 2016 Institute?