Thank you in advance for your time and feedback

* 1. How courteous and pleasant do our DISPATCH answer the phone?

* 2. How often do you have to wait on hold when calling our DISPATCH?

* 3. How accurate did the DISPATCH estimate the wait time for your taxi to arrive?

* 4. What level of DRIVER professionalism (attire, courtesy, politeness, attitude,
assistance with luggage, etc) did you experience?

* 5. How knowledgeable of the city were our DRIVERS?

* 6. At any time during your taxi ride experience, did the DRIVER or his/her behaviour make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe?

  Extremely Very Somewhat Not at all
Driver: Uncomfortable
Driver: Unsafe
Driving Behaviour: Uncomfortable
Driving Behaviour: Unsafe

* 7. If you have used our electronic taxi request service(s), how effective was your experience?

  Very Moderately Slightly Not at all Unaware of service

* 8. Compared to our competitors, is our DISPATCH/DRIVER quality better, worse, or about the same?

  Better Worse About the same Don't know, only use A-Plus
DISPATCH quality
DRIVER quality

* 9. What time(s) and day(s) of the week do you normally use our services? Multiple answers accepted

* 10. What changes would most improve our taxi services and why?