Thank you for participating in this survey. You are being asked to complete this survey as you are a commercial fisherman who fishes in Alaska waters. We will ask several questions about what trainings new Alaska commercial fishermen need. We will use this information to help plan future workshops and trainings. We will also share this information with other trainers in Alaska.

Study Details: The survey asks 11 questions and should take you about 15 minutes to complete. Completing the survey may not benefit you directly. However, it will help us plan trainings to help future generations of fishermen. Participating in this survey is voluntary and you may exit the survey at any time. If you choose to exit before completing the survey, we will not record any of your responses.

All your answers are anonymous, and we will not ask for identifying information in the survey. We will not tie IP addresses to responses. If you have questions about the survey, contact Sunny Rice at or 907-772-3381. The UAF Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a group that reviews research projects involving people. This review is done to protect the rights and welfare of the people involved in the research. If you have questions or concerns about your rights as a research participant or in the event of a research-related harm, you can contact the UAF Office of Research Integrity at 907-474-7800 (Fairbanks area) or 1-866-876-7800 (toll-free outside the Fairbanks area) or

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