Hi! The Wikimedia Foundation is looking for feedback about its current discussion system ("talk pages") and ideas for a new one. Your answers will help us make Wikipedia better.

By answering these questions, you permit us to record your responses for internal use so that we can make Wikipedia better. We will not share your responses publicly, except in an aggregated (non-personal) manner.

Thanks for your time!

* 1. What is your user name on Wikipedia?

* 2. How long have you been editing Wikipedia?

* 3. Did you find that using Talk pages was intuitive? Why or Why not?

* 4. What did you find most confusing about using Talk pages?

* 5. What did you find easy to grasp about Talk pages?

* 6. Have you ever encountered "Talkback" templates? Did you understand them?

* 7. What helped you the most in learning to use Talk pages?

* 8. What could be done to improve Wikipedia's discussion system?