Thank you for taking the time to complete our short survey on the High School French Immersion Program.  Your feedback will help us strengthen and improve our school practices and will inform future decisions relating to the French Immersion Program.  Your identity will remain anonymous and your responses will be kept strictly confidential, so please feel free to answer as honestly and accurately as possible.  Thank you!

1. What do you like about French Immersion?

2. Will you continue in French Immersion after grade 8? Why or why not?

3. What do you feel is necessary to create a successful French Immersion program for you in high school?

4. Which course options would you like to see offered en français in high school?

5. Please share some of your fears going into French Immersion in the high school?

6. Please provide any additional comments or concerns.

Thank you for completing this survey.  Your answers will help the division in planning the French Immersion Program for High School.