Australia’s natural medicine industry is a diverse and pioneering sector, including areas such as Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Reflexology and Remedial Massage and we know our practitioners are dedicated to improving their client’s health and wellbeing. Today, hundreds of thousands of Australians live more fulfilling and healthier lives each year because of the natural medicine industry.

The ATMS Natural Medicine Awards recognise natural medicine practitioners, clinics and rising-star students that contribute to the industry’s growth and prosperity.

If you have achieved outstanding results, development or growth over the past year or positively contributed to the Australian natural medicine industry the submit your entry today and you could be one of our next finalists!

Are you a natural medicine practitioner, clinic or rising-star student that has:

1. Made a significant contribution to the Australian natural medicine profession

2. Demonstrated excellence in their field

3. Been an inspirational role model for other practitioners, clinics or students

Award categories:

Practitioner of the Year

Clinic of the Year

Student of the Year


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* 7. Please tell us about you and/or your clinic and how you have supported your client’s health and wellbeing? Or tell us about your studies, the challenges you have overcome and the success you have experienced. (300 words maximum)

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* 8. Tell us more about how you have demonstrated excellence in your field or in your studies? For instance, how do you demonstrate leadership, innovation and creativity in your practice, clinic or academic activities. How have you adapted, diversified or responded during challenging times in 2020/2021? (500 words maximum)

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* 9. How have you or your clinic contributed to the natural medicine industry or the local community? For instance, what do you do to contribute in your field to benefit others and to grow and develop the natural therapies community, profession and industry? Show evidence of voluntary work or community involvement beyond paid employment. (300 words maximum)