The Department of Staff Development & Nursing Research at Akron General is very interested in your evaluation of your clinical experiences at our institution. This evaluation considers elements of Relationship Based Care: (1) Self, (2) Patient/Families, and (3) Colleagues. This information will help us to understand how we might best meet the needs of students.
The following questions are about YOU.

* 1. School

* 2. Semester

* 3. Year

* 4. Level

* 5. Please list your unit or units where you were assigned.

The following questions are about interactions with COLLEAGUES.

* 6. The Unit was well organized, had learning resources, to assist in (my) learning needs and allowed me as a student to feel empowered and to take ownership of my learning experience.

* 7. The nursing staff and other interdisciplinary team members were knowledgeable and helpful to my education experience.

* 8. Nursing staff were positive role models for students.

* 9. Nursing staff was aware of my level of ability and was eager to assist.

* 10. Ancillary staff members were eager to change their schedules to provide opportunities for our learning experience.

The following questions are about interactions with PATIENTS.

* 11. The level of patient care required was appropriate to my level of skill and ability.

* 12. The patients/family were eager and willing to have students participate in their plan and delivery of care.

* 13. Please use this section to comment on any other factors or suggestions that you feel we should be aware of:

* 14. If you were to identify one nurse at Akron General who was very nice and helpful to you, who would it be?