1. Introduction

Research Background:
This survey forms part of research being conducted by Anri Human for her PhD at the University of Cape Town. The research focuses on chest physiotherapy (CPT) methods used on children and adolescents with neuromuscular diseases (NMDs) such as Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy (DMD), myopathy, and spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Firstly, the research aims to determine the efficacy of various cough assist techniques for children with NMDs admitted to hospital with chest infections. Secondly the study aims to investigate the effect of a three month inspiratory muscle training programme as an adjunct to standard care in patients with NMDs. 
In order to be able to conduct randomised controlled trials comparing standard chest physiotherapy (CPT) with alternative interventions, it will be necessary to define what physiotherapists view as standard CPT for children and adolescents with NMDs based on literature/research and their clinical expertise. Comparing an alternative intervention/adjunct to conventional therapy/standardised care can assist in concluding more rigorously that any significant changes seen between the experimental and control groups are in fact due to the intervention that is being assessed. The aim of this survey is to determine what is viewed as standard CPT by physiotherapists (although may not always be implemented, due to reasons such as limited resources) in acute (hospital) and chronic settings (home/school) (Section B & C). Furthermore, to determine what is currently being used by physiotherapists in South Africa for patients with NMDs in an acute and chronic context (Section D). 
Target Participants:
 -Physiotherapists who work with children and/or adolescents with NMDs and/or having a special interest in Cardiopulmonary and/or Paediatrics
- Experts in the field of Respiratory Paediatrics in South Africa (based on publications, presentations and expertise in the field).
Eligibility Criteria:
This survey is restricted to physiotherapists involved in the treatment/management of paediatric and adolescent NMD patients or who are experts in this field.This is a purposive study, however if a participant should indicate that they do not work with paediatric and adolescent NMD patients, then they will be excluded.
Participation, data collection and analysis:
This questionnaire has been validated and confirmed by an expert panel. Your input and feedback will be highly appreciated.This survey is completed on an individual basis and is completely anonymous. Results received will be coded hence ensuring anonymity of participants. There will be no risks to any participant and participation is voluntary. Feedback obtained from the survey will be sent to the primary researcher who will collate the data for analysis.
Depending on the number of sections applicable to you, it should take approximately 20 minutes to complete this survey.
Based on literature and the results from this survey, a standard care guideline for patients with NMDs will be compiled.

Should you have any questions regarding this survey or the NMD study as a whole; please do not hesitate to contact the researchers:
Anri Human
(012) 521-4047

A/Prof. Brenda Morrow
(021) 658-5074

Question Title

* 1. I have read the information pertaining to this survey, and understand the aims and objectives thereof. I have been provided the opportunity to ask questions, and where applicable, all questions were answered to my satisfaction.

I understand that participation in this survey is completely voluntary and that I may withdraw from participating in this survey at any time and without supplying reasons. I will not be prejudiced in any way if I choose not to participate.
I have not been coerced in any way to participate in this survey.

I am aware of the fact that this study has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) of the University of Cape Town; HREC: 513/2015. I am fully aware that the results of this survey will be used for scientific purposes and may be published.  I agree to participation, provided my privacy is guaranteed.

I hereby give consent that I have read through and understand the abovementioned terms and conditions and that I give my full consent to participate in this survey; and that any or all information provided by myself may be used as part of research data to be published at the discretion of the researchers. All personal information will remain strictly confidential.

10% of survey complete.