1. Do you consider yourself a 'foodie'?

2. How often do you get takeaway for dinner?

3. How often do you go out to a café, pub or restaurant for a meal?

4. Do you eat breakfast?

5. Do you take lunch to school, uni or work?

6. Do you eat meat?

7. If you're a vegetarian or vegan, how strict are you about it?

8. How often do you drink alcohol?

9. Do you consider it acceptable to get drunk in public (assuming it doesn’t result in violence, drink-driving or other criminal behaviour)?

10. What are your favourite types of alcoholic beverage (you can select more than one)

11. Do you overindulge during the festive season?

12. Do you have any food allergies? (you can choose more than one answer)

13. Do you ever diet?

14. Do you eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables (two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables per day)?