Fair Housing Survey

The purpose of this survey is to give residents an opportunity for involvement in the development of a standardized fair housing assessment and planning process relating to issues of fair housing within the City of Indio.  A “fair housing issue” is defined as “a condition that restricts choice or access to housing opportunity, including:
  • Evidence of illegal discrimination or violations of civil rights laws, regulations, or guidance.Ongoing local or regional segregation, or lack of integration.
  • Racial or ethnic concentrations of poverty.
  • Significant disparities in access to opportunity.
  • Disproportionate housing needs based on the “protected classes” of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability.
Please take a few minutes to fill out this online survey. Your participation will give the City a more effective means to affirmatively further the purposes of the Federal Fair Housing Act.  All answers will be kept confidential. Please press submit when complete. Thank You!