Descriptors: Leadership skills of an effective school leader for the position of Director of Baldwin College & Career Academy.
Assess and evaluate staff to support the Baldwin County School District mission, vision, goals and objectives. Systematically analyze and utilize the results of student assessments in planning instructional programming.

Involve students, staff, community and parents in the decision-making process.

Knowledge of Curriculum:
Implement the Georgia Performance Standards and utilize technology and other school resources to maintain the quality of instructional program.

Problem Solving:
Take initiative with solving problems by utilizing all available resources to support educational programs.

Involve students, staff, community and parents in planning and developing programs to promote an effective learning environment.

Oral & Written Communications:
Promote effective communications between the school and community to create a positive learning environment.

Experience with Economic Development
Work with community businesses and partners to help recruit business and industry to the community to create quality jobs within the community.

* 2. Rank the seven leadership skills below in order of importance.

* 3. What other qualities should we consider when selecting a new leader for the Baldwin College & Career Academy?

* 4. If you could provide one interview question, what would it be?

* 5. The BCSD wants to make sure all stakeholders feel involved in the decision-making process. What can we do to ensure that students, parents, staff and community members feel more involved in this process?

* 6. Any other comments or concerns?

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