* 1. To what degree have you stepped away from the Brethren life?

* 2. Do you have a clear memory of a specific time when you feel you got saved?

* 3. Did your family enforce a Brethren lifestyle fairly firmly? (with abstinences such as movies, television, Christmas, alcohol, swearing or anything of that kind?)

* 4. What kinds of things, if anything, were you once absolutely certain of, but now are not so dogmatic about?

* 5. What, if anything, do you feel was harmful or bad about your Brethren experience? Was this what made you step away from the Brethren way of thinking and living, or was it something else?

* 6. Did your association with the Brethren connect you to other, nonBrethren Christians?

* 7. Did your assembly appear to be mainly run by one person or family or school of thought, or was there room for healthy disagreement?

* 8. Were you at any time aware of sexual or financial impropriety going on in your assembly or those nearby?

* 9. Assuming a belief in God, do you now feel that God moved you into or out of the Brethren system at any point in your life?

* 10. Did the teaching you experienced go very far beyond simply validating Brethren methods of doing things, thinking and feeling?

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