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A lot has been written about integration of safety and process control, the topic has been debated extensively since the majority of today’s automation systems started to incorporate (Safety Integrity Level) SIL certified Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) as an inherent part of their system.

The industry had used words such as interfaced and integration to illustrate different degrees of connectivity and functionality, sometimes using phrases such as “integrated but separate” to illustrate the undiminished safety integrity of these automation systems.

This paper will start with definitions of interfaced and integrated system and expand the concept of integration to include the sensors and final elements part of the SIS as well as the positive impact on the operators and their ability to better respond and resolve abnormal conditions in the plant while maintaining core industry requirements on SIS with regards to independence and integration while taking the automation investment to its full potential

•Luis M. Duran, Safety Systems Business Development Manager, ABB
•Peter Welander, Content Manager & Moderator, Control Engineering

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