Law Library Usage

The Circuit Court of Montgomery County Law Library (Maryland) and the Franklin County Law Library (Ohio) are conducting a joint research project on the quality of your research environment in our libraries. Would we be grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer the following questions:

* 1. Are you a law library user?

* 2. With which law library are you affiliated?

* 3. What services are most helpful when using the law library? Select all that apply.

* 4. How well does the law library meet your needs for the following services?

  Very well Well OK Not at all Not applicable
Place for focused legal research
Public computer stations
Ability to use my own device in the law library
Place to meet with clients
Place to go for training and/or career advancement
Place to go for a break in my day

* 5. What have been the biggest environmental obstacles that I've encountered in the law library?  Select three.

* 6. When thinking about sharing the law library with other users, how do you feel about the following?

  Most of the time Sometimes Rarely Not applicable
Public patrons have at one time or another disrupted my law library experience
Other attorney users have at one time or another disrupted my law library experience
The law librarians do a good job of maintaining a favorable environment for all patron types
In deciding whether to visit the law library or not, I factor in who I might run into while I'm there

* 7. Has a law library helped mediate an interaction between you and another patron? Was the law librarian helpful? Please explain.

* 8. How can law librarians best foster a helpful research environment for attorneys?