1. Section 1- Introduction

Kittitas Valley Water Resource Decision Support System Stakeholder Survey

The purpose of this survey is to elicit feedback on the development of a Water Resource Decision Support System (WRDSS) for the Kittitas Valley, and to assess its utility for individual stakeholders and water management institutions. The WRDSS was developed as part of a grant administered through the Center for Spatial Information at Central Washington University.

This survey consists of two sections and will take roughly ten minutes to complete.

First, you will be asked a short series of questions concerning the current state of water use and demand in the Kittitas Valley. In the second section, you will be asked to evaluate the draft WRDSS.

Reasonable and appropriate safeguards have been used in the creation of the web-based survey to maximize the confidentiality and security of your responses; however, when using information technology, it is never possible to guarantee complete privacy. To add to security, the survey is anonymous, and please feel free to omit any information you do not fee comfortable providing. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the survey’s content, scope, or intent or the content and scope of the WRDSS.

Thank you for your time.

Michael Pease Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Department of Geography
Central Washington University
(509) 963-2044