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* 1. As far as types of posts and content go: Tell me what you'd like to see more of (or just see, period) and what you think my blog could do with less of.

  more less the same amount as at present indifferent
Poetry Friday posts [poems by other people]
original creative writing
my own photos
posts about my daily life
posts about me
posts about San Francisco
memes and quizzes
short book reviews
happiness/favorites/"things I love" lists
photos, videos, quotes etc. that I've found
posts about languages
posts about dance
posts about college
posts about places/travel
posts about personal experiences
musings (beliefs, observations, etc.)

* 2. With 1 representing greatest need, in what area does my blog need the most improvement?

Content/subject matter
Voice or style of writing
"Tightness" of writing

* 3. How does my posting frequency suit you?

* 4. What is the main way you stay notified of new posts on my blog?

* 5. Do you think it would improve my blogroll to divide it up more (i.e. probably by subject or type of blog)?

* 6. Would you like it if I began compiling recent favorite blog posts (from other blogs, that is!) as a regular feature?