For questions 1 to 5, you must perform a sequence of tasks on the app, then answer each question based on your experience.

Most likely, you are reading these questions on the same mobile device where you have installed the Beach Bottle app. Therefore, you will need to switch back and forth between this webpage and the app.

To avoid the back and forth, you might find it easier to open this webpage on your computer, then perform the tasks on your mobile device.

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* 1. Playing Posts
Launch the app, tap the 'Skip Login for Now' button to go to the New Posts screen.

b. Try to play and replay any post.

c. Try to skip ahead or backwards a few seconds when listening.

How easy were these tasks?

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* 2. Seeing Topics and Responses
a. Tap '@Topic' on any post that has it, and see the resulting Topic screen.

b. Tap the back button to return to the New Posts screen.

c. Tap '[number] Response' on any post, and see the Topic screen.

How easy was it to understand the difference between the '@Topic' button and the '[number] Response' button?

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* 3. Logging In
Tap the arrow icon on any post. You should be prompted to log in using Facebook.

b. Log In and return to the app. Ideally, you can log in using your own Facebook account. Otherwise, you can log in with the following test account.
password: moonlit

c. After successfully logging in, you should be automatically forwarded to the New Posts screen. Your Facebook picture should appear on the lower right of the app.

How easy was it to log in?

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* 4. Responding
a. As a logged-in user, tap the arrow icon on any post to go to the 'Responding To' screen.

b. Record your response.

c. Type a few sentences as introduction to your response.

d. Tap the submit button.

How easy were these tasks?

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* 5. Correcting
a. As a logged-in user, tap the apple icon on any post to go to the 'Correcting' screen.

b. Write something that was incorrect in the post you are correcting.

c. Write the correct word, phrase or sentence.

d. Record an explanation for your correction.

e. Tap submit.

How easy were these tasks?

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* 7. What is your device's iOs (operating system) version?
To find out:
a. Open your device's Settings
b. Tap General
c. Tap About
d. What is the number next to Version?

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* 9. How useful is this app to learning English on a 5-star scale?

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* 10. With the goal of practicing English speaking in mind, explore any feature of the app. How can the app be improved?  This beta test is complete after you tap the DONE button below.  Any other messages or surveys you see after tapping DONE is unrelated to the Beach Bottle App beta test.  Thank you for your help.