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* 1. I am a

* 2. I am a member of

* 3. I find the following sections to be most interesting to me

  Most interesting 2nd most interesting 3rd most intersesting 4th most interesting
Choices for online devotions
News articles about Lutherans
Discovering new outreach ideas
Listings of blogs/social media
Billboard, bulletin quotes to use
Humor/cartoons section

* 4. Listing & combining resources from all Lutherans around the world is in my opinion

* 5. I am interested in seeing news about Lutherans

* 6. One link or resource missing on LutheranCentral that I would like to see added is

* 7. From the following links/sections which interest you the most?

  Most interested 2nd most interest 3rd most interest 4th most interest
Volunteer opportunities in the US & worldwide
Links to Lutheran churches all over the world
Listings of famous Lutherans
Statistics and research findings
Sermon help & links to devotions
Youth ministry resources

* 8. I will encourage my congregation to link to LutheranCentral so members can easily find more Lutheran resources

* 9. LutheranCentral's stated purpose is, "to organize all the best Lutheran web sites, and web resources into one easy to navigate directory which will encourage Lutherans to connect to other Lutherans online."

How well does the Lutherancentral site fulfill this purpose?

* 10. One possible improvement for LutheranCentral that I would suggest would be: