1. Monroe County Sheriff's Office Survey

100% of survey complete.

This survey is used to gather the thoughts and opinions of those who come into contact with our employees and those who use our web site, blog or our social media pages.

* 1. Identification information.

* 2. Are you visiting our web site / blog/ social media site for:

* 3. How do you rate this site compared to other government sites you have visited?

* 4. Are you a member of a local Crime Watch Group?

* 5. Have you had contact with an officer from our department within the last 12 months?

  No Victim Witness Suspect Arrest Sickness or injury Community Contact Crime Prevention information, a property check
Contact with officer

* 6. Rate the officer's service:

  Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor
How would you rate his / her demeanor?
How would you rate your treatment?
How was the situation was handled?
Did the officer explain his / her actions to your satisfaction?

* 7. Please rate the Monroe County Sheriff's Office in the following categories:

  Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor
Taking care of the community's overall safety and security
Providing a variety of effective Crime Prevention programs
Maintaining safety in residential neighborhoods in the Florida Keys
Helping to maintain the quality of life in residential neighborhoods in the Florida Keys
Providing for the safety and security of school children

* 8. Mark the level of truth for the following statements to help us determine your quality of life in the Florida Keys:

  Always Most of the time Sometimes Seldom
I feel safe and secure living in my Florida Keys neighborhood
I feel safe and secure when driving in the Florida Keys
I feel safe and secure shopping, working or participating in community events in the Florida Keys
I feel my children are safe in the Florida Keys

* 9. Please contact me about (make sure you include your contact information in the box at the bottom so we can find you):

* 10. If you have a general comment, now is your chance! Be as specific as you can so we will know who to refer your comment to.