* 1. What year in school are you?

* 2. Have you ever visited the CU Museum of Natural History before, and if so, how often?

  Never Occasionally throughout the year All the time
Answer Here:

* 3. Have you ever visited or used Jerry Crail Johnson Earth Sciences and Map Library located in the Benson Earth Sciences building?

  No Occasionally throughout the year All the time
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* 4. What type of exhibits do you enjoy seeing?

* 5. Are any of the following themes for an exhibit interesting to you?: Empire, trade and political networks, archaeoastronomy, history of the Ancient Southwest, archaeology, astronomy, ceremonies and religion, ancestral Pueblo peoples.

* 6. An exhibit is being created based on the history of CU's presence at Chimney Rock Archaeological Site in south-central Colorado. The exhibit includes the work of current CU students.
How interested would you be in viewing this exhibit?

  Low High
Please indicate interest here:

* 7. Another exhibit is being created about research that combines archaeology and astronomy. How interested would you be in visiting this exhibit?

  Not interested Maybe Very interested
Answer here:

* 8. Please leave any comments or questions here.

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