ITEEA SeaPerch Build and Competition - at the ITEEA Conference in Orlando, 2014

Please complete this application in full.

Applicants accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The FIRST 20 TEACHERS will be ACCEPTED and notified by email once this survey closes.

All participants must be registered to attend the ITEEA conference by December 15, 2013. To register, please visit

All participants are required to participate in the entire BUILD event on Thursday, a maximum of six hours (and preferably one hour on Friday for the competition).

If you have questions, contact Greg Kane (SeaPerch Build and Competition Lead) at

* 1. Please complete the following information.

* 2. Can you devote 6 hours on Thursday and 1 hour on Friday to this event?

* 3. Are you an active ITEEA Member?