The Shared Content & Technical Services program is looking for members to help continue the work of the Alliance.

The Shared Content and Technical Services Team is looking for 1 member to be Chair-elect.
  • Erin Grant (UW), Chair
  • Jim Bunnelle (L&C)
  • Carleigh Hill (Whitworth)
  • Holly Wheeler (MHCC)
  • Blake Galbreath (WSU)
The Cataloging Standing Group is looking for 3 members
Those who will be continuing are:
  • Holly Wheeler (MHCC), Chair
  • Lihong Zhu (WSU)
  • Mary Grenci (UO)
  • Reed David (WSU)
The Ebook Standing Group is looking for 2 members.
  • Jim Bunnelle (L&C)(Chair)
  • Andrea Klyn (UPS)
  • Samantha Thompson-Franklin (UI)
  • Thomas Dodson (SOU)
  • Rachael Davis (OHSU)
The EContent Standing Group is looking for 3 members.
  • Carleigh Hill (Whitworth) Chair
  • Elaine Goff (OSU)
  • Madeline Kelly (WWU)
The Norm Rules Standing Group is looking for 2 members.
Those who are continuing are:
  • Blake Galbreath (WSU), Chair
  • Junghae Lee (UW)
  • Kelley McGrath (UO)
  • Ron Chesko (WWU)
  • Suzanne Sager (PSU)
Please feel free to nominate yourself or others. You will be given opportunity for 3 nominations in this survey. If you would like to nominate more than 3 people, please complete this and then revisit the recruitment survey to enter more.