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* 1. UVic has determined that the only way to control and reduce their feral rabbit population is by killing rabbits. Whilst no-one disputes that the population needs to be controlled, there are alternatives to killing these rabbits. Would you support the Ministry of Environment if they were to issue an exemption to these feral rabbits under the Wildlife Act, to enable rescuers to capture, neuter, and rehome a portion of the population through a combination of sanctuaries, shelters, and petstores?

* 2. Do you believe that UVic has a responsibility to consider the welfare of these animals, which are abandoned pets and their offspring, as if they were abandoned pets? For example, if there was a stray dog on Campus,UVic wouldn't be allowed to kill it. They would be required to take it to an animal shelter, or to allow animal welfare authorities to catch it and rehome it. Do you think that the University is wrong to treat these rabbits as though they don't have as many rights as a stray dog?

* 3. Has UVic's treatment of these feral rabbits tarnished UVic's reputation?

* 4. In summary, do you support enabling a non-lethal solution to UVic's rabbit problem?