* 1. How did you discover MV3D?

* 2. How long have you been following MV3D?

* 3. Have you downloaded the client application?

* 4. Were you able to connect to the demo servers?

* 5. What are you interested in using MV3D for?

* 6. What OS(es) are you running MV3D on?

* 7. What GPU type do you have?

* 8. How would you rate the following MV3D features?

  Very bad Sub-par Meets needs Surpasses expectations Amazing N/A
Ogre rendering support.
Panda rendering support.
Physics engine support.
The Overseer server cluster management application.
The content building tools (composer, solidifier, etc)
Client stability.
Server stability.
Toolchain stability.
Pathfinding and AI support.
Client usability.
Server usability and configuration.
Tool usability.
Development environment setup.
Example code.
Community Support (forums, IRC, etc).

* 9. Will you be using MV3D?

* 10. Any other comments or suggestions? Feel free to suggest missing features here.