* 1. What type of Association membership do you have?

* 2. Overall, how satisfied are you with your NABE membership?

* 3. How many NABE events have you attended?

* 4. Overall, how satisfied have you been with NABE conferences?

* 5. How can NABE make events more valuable to you? Please feel free to share any suggestions regarding future topics, formats, locations, speakers, duration, or any other event component that is important to you.

* 6. How does the cost of annual Association membership compare with the value that you derive from it?

* 7. In your experience, what benefits does NABE membership best provide?

* 8. How do you think that NABE can attract the next generation of advocates, practitioners, and scholars?

* 9. What do you think that NABE can do to differentiate itself from other organizations offering similar services?

* 10. Please indicate to what extent you agree with the following statements about NABE's publications:

  Completely Agree Somewhat agree Somewhat Disagree Completely Disagree
The publications are too short.
The publications contain too much information.
The publications are not interesting.
The publications are relevant to my professional activities.
I do not have enough time to read the publications in full.
The publications add value to NABE membership.