Youth Parliament Application

I'm looking for a Youth MP to represent me in Youth Parliament 2022!
The tenth New Zealand Youth Parliament will occur in 2022. The Youth Parliament programme provides an opportunity to hear from young people from around Aotearoa New Zealand on what is important to them, and for Youth Members of Parliament (Youth MPs) to actively work on topics and issues they are passionate about.

If you are interested in being my Youth MP and want to apply, simply complete the following form.
Note: In addition to some application information (including Parent /Guardian Information if you are aged 17 or under) I'm also looking for preferably a short 2-5m video or 500 words answering the following:
  1. Why you think you would be good as my youth MP?
  2. Outline previous experience(s), if any, and involvement in the community, helping or advocating for others?
  3. What changes or enhancements they would like to see to make the Hutt an even better place for youth to live, learn and play.
Video Upload Tip
The best way to submit a video is to upload it to a file sharing service such as WeTransfer. You can then submit the link in this application.

A helpful video on how to do this can be found on YouTube Here.

You'll need to have a link ready to go to complete this application. If you have any trouble, you can also email a copy of your application to

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