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* 1. Here are some ideas we've been kicking around for the theme for SELF 2020 ... what do you think of some of these?

  I don't get it Not a fan Meh Pretty good This had better happen!
007 Spoof (chmod 777: license to be killed)
Hackers (1995) Spoof
Star Trek TNG Spoof
Smokie and the Bandit Spoof
Fake Mechanic Shop Concept (think like the fake Tavern theme on the shirts one year)
Fake Rock Band Concept
Penguins Can Fly (Imagine Tux with a jetpack and aviator goggles)

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* 2. With SELF having more space at the hotel comes the ability to have more content.  While SELF will always have a core focus on the Linux desktop and the broader open source world in general, we have had all kinds of content through the /dev/random track.   So long as it is geeky, we're interested.  What do you think about the various topics listed?

  I'm unfamiliar with this Not Interested Meh Somewhat Interested Very interested I'd come just for this alone!
Information Security (Pen Testing, Defensive Strategies, Exploit Response, etc)
LAMP Frontends (Drupal, Wordpress, etc)
Smart Home (Automation, IoT, etc)
Smarter You (Scheduling, Ergonomics, Body Hacks, Nutrition, etc)
Systems Administration
Network Administration
Database Administration
Open Source Multimedia (Blender, OBS, Kdenlive, Audacity, etc)
Open Source Graphics (GIMP, Inkscape, etc)
Automation across multiple machines (Orchestration/SaltStack/Puppet/etc)
Community (Building, Organizing, Outreach, etc)
"Homelab" ... homebrew NAS/firewalls/infrastructure/etc for your dwelling or small business
Ham Radio
(Open/PC/Net/Free/*) BSD
Bash / KDE / Other Linux-y things and how you can use them in Windows
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