* 1. Provide your name and an email address when you submit your answers to AMUM by March 31, 2013. The submission with the most correct answers will receive the 2012 book University of Memphis, Arcadia Publishing/Campus History Series, by Beverly Bond, Janann Sherman and Frances Wright Breland. In case of a tie, a winner will be drawn from a pool. Most answers can be found with or in the materials at two displays: “Achievements of women during the civil rights movement” at the McWherter Library Rotunda and “Muted Belles: A Monument to Women of Memphis” in the lobby of the CCFA building.

* 2. Who was remembered for her role as Queenie opposite Paul Robeson in the London production of Showboat?

* 3. Alberta Hunter was elected to the Blues Hall of Fame, a ceremony organized by the Memphis Blues Foundation, in what year?

* 4. Which woman sacrificed her life caring for Memphians during the 1878 yellow fever epidemic?

* 5. So many Memphians died (or left the city) during the 1878 yellow fever epidemic that the city lost its charter. How many Memphians died?

* 6. In what year was the 19th Century Club founded?

* 7. The members of the 19th Century Club became active in civic projects years before women won the right to vote. In what year was the 19th amendment ratified granting women the right to vote?

* 8. Juanita Williamson was an eminent linguist. She was Chair of the English Department at what institution of higher education?

* 9. Juanita Williamson taught at Memphis State University in the summer of 1969. In what year were the first black students admitted to the University?

* 10. Ida B. Wells wrote for, and later became part owner of, The Memphis Free Speech and Headlight. What other black-owned Memphis newspaper did she write for?

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