* 2. Facility(s) to which applied:

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* 6. Please rate the statements below using the following scale:
5 - Strongly Agree; 4 - Agree; 3 - Neutral; 2 - Disagree; 1 - Strongly Disagree

  5 4 3 2 1 N/A
The documents I received from Medical Staff Services to process my (re)application included clear instructions.
Based on the information I received from Medical Staff Services, I understood the process necessary to (re)apply to UMMC.
Medical Staff Services completed my (re)application in a timely manner.
If I was asked to provide additional information, I was given an appropriate length of time to submit the information.
Medical Staff Services kept my staff or me updated on the progress of my application.
Medical Staff Services personnel were accessible when I needed them.
Medical Staff Services personnel responded to my requests in a timely manner.
Medical Staff Services personnel were courteous and helpful in interactions and communications with me.
Medical Staff Services treated confidential material appropriately.

* 7. If you rated any questions above as 2 - Disagree or 3 - Strongly Disagree, please provide comments regarding the rating.

* 8. What other comments would you like to make about UMMC Medical Staff Services, its processes or staff interactions?

* 9. Are there other needs and requirements you have or suggestions for improving the services provided by the UMMC Medical Staff Services department?