* 1. For how long have you been visiting/using Plumstead Common?

* 2. Generally, how safe do you feel when you are visiting or using Plumstead Common?

* 3. Do you think that over the last two years there has been MORE or LESS evidence of crime (including low-level crime like graffiti) on Plumstead Common?

* 4. IF you feel safer now than you used to and your perception of the area has improved, can you tell us about some things that have been done or that you see that contribute to that feeling?

* 5. If you witness a crime or anti-social behaviour and want to report it, what would you do?

* 6. If you see, say, some graffiti or fly-tipping and want to report it, what would you do?

* 7. What are, or were, your primary concerns with regard to the safe and pleasurable enjoyment of Plumstead Common?

* 8. Generally, do you have a feeling that your concerns are being addressed?

* 9. Generally, do you enjoy Plumstead Common more than you used to?

* 10. What is your postcode? (we need that to provide evidence of the extent of our survey)