1. Albright Farms CHICKEN CO-OP

Albright Farms is offering membership in a chicken co-op for the 2010 season enabling families to commit to purchasing two chickens per month at a discounted rate. Co-op membership includes a six month commitment beginning in May; members pre-pay their membership fee of $200. Members receive 2 chickens each month from May through October. This provides a 10% discount from normal pricing. Members will receive a 10% discount on additional chicken purchases, whole birds or parts. Currently our chicken is offered frozen. Members will also be entitled to participate in special savings on beef.

For single purchases, (aside from the two birds per month provided by membership), our 2010 price list is as follows:

Whole birds -- 3.75 / pound
Leg quarters -- 4.50 / pound
Bone-in breasts -- 6.00 / pound

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, to help us gauge your interest regarding quantity, size of birds, cuts, pickup locations and pricing.

* 1. Are you interested in participating in the chicken coop as described?

* 2. What size whole chickens are you most interested in? Please number 1 for most interested to 4 for least interested. (3-4 pound birds will cost more per pound)

* 3. Our plan (above) is based on two birds per month, for co-op members. Please indicate quantity of chickens you want per month:

* 4. Would you like to purchase parts in addition to whole chickens?

* 5. Are you interested in purchasing a whole bird cut in halves?

* 6. If given the option would you like to pick your chicken up fresh, not frozen? (Fresh chickens are available only at the farm, on Old York Road, not at all pickup locations.) Based on interest, this option could be available as often as once a month. Please indicate your preference:

* 7. Our chicken is available at our roadside stand (3505 Sweet Air Road in Jacksonville), the farmers market at Green Spring Station on Saturday afternoons, and the farmers market in Baltimore on Sunday mornings. We also plan to offer them at a Wednesday afternoon market in Timonium. Please indicate which location is most convenient for you:

* 8. How often do you want to pick up chicken?

* 9. In winter months, it is not possible to have chicken outside on grass. In winter, our chickens are fed the same feed rations, but are raised indoors in a well-ventilated, open-air space, with a long bank of southern exposure windows. Please indicate your preference:

* 10. Please share other comments or interests.