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* 1. First Name:

* 2. Last (Family) Name:

* 3. Phone Number:

* 4. Email Address:

* 5. I am a

* 6. Will you be living on campus in a residence hall? If so, you must check in with the Residence Life office between 8am and 5pm beginning Wednesday, August 22, 2018.

* 7. I will be arriving at the California Lutheran University campus on (please tell us the date and time):
If you cannot get to campus until 4:30pm, please plan on staying at a local hotel.

* 8. I will be attending the New International Student Dinner and Shopping Trip on Thursday, August 23, 2018.

* 9. I understand that it is MANDATORY that I attend the New International Orientation on Friday, August 24 with check in beginning at 8am.

* 10. I understand that if I do not attend New International Student Orientation I could be charged a fee of $75 for a private orientation.