Thank you for your interest in reviewing the current Business Career Field Technical Content Standards. Your feedback will have a direct impact on determining the essential knowledge and skills students are required to learn when pursuing careers and postsecondary education in the Business career fields. We appreciate your time and dedication on behalf of Ohio's students!

Please review the following introductory information prior to completing the survey.

The Business Career Field Technical Content Standards serve as the curricular framework for all of the Business Career Field Pathways - Business and Administrative Services, Finance, Marketing and Logistics.

Technical Content Standards are organized into Strands, Outcomes and Competencies. Strands, Outcomes and Competencies can be represented across the various Business Career Field Pathways.

A Strand is a large content area under which multiple Outcomes are organized. It includes a title and a concise description that captures multiple, broad areas of learner knowledge and skills. There are ten Strands* in the Business Career Field Technical Content Standards.

An Outcome is an overarching statement that summarizes the knowledge and skills described in a set of Competencies. There are typically 5-15 Outcomes within a Strand.

Finally, a Competency is a specific statement of essential knowledge or skill to be learned. There are typically 5-12 Competencies within an Outcome. Competencies are designed to represent knowledge or skill that an entry-level worker should possess after completing a career-technical education program of study.

*It's important to note, Strand 1: Business Operations/21st Century Skills, is the same across all Career-Technical Education Career Field Technical Content Standards. It is intended to cover essential professional skills and foundational business operations competencies. Due to the nature of this Strand, there will likely be some overlap between Strand 1 and other Strands in the Business Career Field Technical Content Standards.

In order to allow you to focus your review on content areas that are of greater interest to you, or represent your own career knowledge and skills, you will be asked to review the title and description for each of the ten Strands and determine based on that information if you would like to proceed in reviewing the Outcomes and Competencies for that Strand.

If you elect to review the Strand, you will be asked to review the title and description for each Outcome within the Strand and provide feedback on the Competencies within that Outcome. Based on your answers, you may be asked to provide additional recommendations. You will also have an opportunity to provide general feedback on the Strand as a whole.

If you elect not to review a Strand, you will be directed to the next Strand in the series.

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* 1. I have read and understand the above information.

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