* 1. What is your sex?

* 2. Which category below includes your age?

* 3. To which college do you belong?

* 4. What is your race?

* 5. Are you an international student?

* 6. What are/were your greatest concerns as a transfer student? (1 being most important and 7 being least important)

* 7. What is something you wish someone told you when you transferred?

* 8. What is something you are still struggling with as a transfer student?

* 9. What would be a solution to one of your biggest concerns?

* 10. Have you struggled with any of the following as a result of being a transfer student?

A. Adjusting to Campus Life
B. Learning about Campus Opportunities (Internships, Career Fairs, Study Abroad etc.)
C. Meeting People
D. Meeting Academic Requirements
E. Learning about Campus Resources (Career Center, Tutoring, Tenant Union etc.)

If yes, please indicate which letter(s) apply to your experience. Briefly elaborate on your experience. Then indicate whether or not this continues to be something you struggle with.

Please feel free to add any additional comments here as well.

Thank You for taking the Transfer Student Advisor Group Survey!