* 1. Age

* 2. I am a:

* 3. What device do you use to most to access the City website?

* 4. How often do you visit City of Bonita Springs website in a month?

* 5. What do you really want to accomplish on the site? Find out hours of a public facility, pay bills, contact a council member, find trash/recycling day?

* 6. What type of information do you seek?
Forms, data, community event photos, council meeting videos

* 7. What are your impressions of the site?
What do you like about the existing site?

* 8. In regards to past visits on the site, could you find the information you were seeking for with ease?

* 9. What could be done to improve this website?

* 10. Please give an example website/s you enjoy the interface or look and feel that you think would look well or work well for the city.