In honor of Missouri Good Neighbor Week, we want to acknowledge neighbors who go above and beyond to be engaged. To find the best engaged neighbors among us, we need nominations for Missouri Engaged Neighbor Awards!
All nominees will receive a small gift as a token of appreciation for their commitment to making their neighborhoods a great place to live. Winners of a Missouri Engaged Neighbor Award will be selected in participating counties and at a statewide level. Individual counties and cities may also have locally sponsored prizes. Statewide winners will receive a special prize.
Individuals can nominate a person for the "Engaged Neighbor of the Year" award. Preference will be shown to nominees who are connected with others in their neighborhood through events, service, or social interaction.
Eligibility and criteria include:
  • Individual nominees must reside in the county that is honoring them and in the state of Missouri;
  • Individuals may not self-nominate for this award;
  • Nominees may not be compensated for the service described in the nominations; and
  • Elected officials may not participate as nominees. 
What is an engaged neighbor?
  • An "engaged neighbor" makes their neighborhood better.
  • They know and interact with their immediate neighbors.
  • They try to make sure people in the neighborhood feel included.
  • They attend and help at neighborhood activities.
  • They devote time and talent in service to their neighbors or neighborhood.
  • Their engagement as a neighbor makes the area better for everyone.
Statewide sponsors are University of Missouri Extension and The Hopeful Neighborhood Project.